Double Edge App: Checking Your Classes and Waitlist

Last week we covered the account feature of your Double Edge App. This week we will be focusing on checking your classes that you have signed up for and any of your waitlist classes. Why is this part of the app so useful?

  1. You can book your classes up to 2 weeks in advance to secure your spot in a certain class time. The problem with booking out so far in advance is that sometimes schedules change and we need to adjust our class times. If you go to the “my classes” section in the app you can see all your classes that you are currently signed up for and make any appropriate changes.
  2. Sometimes you will find yourself on a waitlist when trying to sign up for a class that is already full. In your “My waitlist” you can check your status of your waitlist and see if you are the next up to get into the class.

So how do you check your classes and waitlist using the Double Edge App. It’s easy just follow these steps!

1) Select “My Classes” or “My Waitlist in the drop down menu
2) View your class schedule or your current status on the waitlist
3) Click on the class to cancel your session if needed

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Double Edge app head to your app store today and search “Double Edge Fitness”