Welded Lean or Weightlifting (8/10/17)

Something new for you guys! Today you will have your choice of doing either your regular long Welded Lean workout or focusing on the snatch, this is essentially like a weightlifting class, no MetCon.


Warm Up:
3 minute machine
2 Rounds:
10 push ups
15 air squats

Weightlifting (Welded): Snatch
1 minute banded overhead distraction

  1. Technique/Warm Up
  2. Strength (every 1:30)
    9×2 squat snatch (drop and reset)
    9×3 power snatch (drop and reset)
  3. Snatch Pulls (every 1:30)
    5×3 @110% of one rep max

MetCon (Welded Lean):
35 minute AMRAP
200 meter ski or 15/12 calorie bike (alternate)
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 jump switch lunges
Immediately followed by:
5 minutes to accumulate the most time in a plank, resting as little as possible