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CrossFit is Life…

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By: Joel Cochran

Have you ever wondered why people who do CrossFit can’t stop talking about CrossFit? If you participate in the constantly varied training program known as CrossFit then you have no problem engaging in a civil conversation about your “Fran” time while you eat your 12th piece of bacon for the day.

If you don’t participate in CrossFit then a conversation with a “CrossFitter” may sound like a broken record on how great of shape they are in and how you should just give it a try, that they promise you will love it!

So, what drives CrossFitters to talk about CrossFit as if it is the gospel and the key to life? Are they part of some cult that has brain washed their minds to the point that they will never be the same? They almost speak as if CrossFit is life. Well they might not be too far off with this statement.

Now before you point out that I am one of those CrossFitters who lives and breathes CrossFit, give me a chance to explain. My statement that CrossFit is life might not be as far-fetched as you believe.

There are many aspects about CrossFit that make it so successful, but I am going to focus on 3 that truly hit home.

  1. Community – We were put on this Earth to create and sustain effective and healthy relationships with others. No one wants to be alone and everyone is seeking to be accepted and loved by someone. One of CrossFit’s greatest attributes isn’t the exercise but the incredible ability to foster relationships through the shared suffering of a daily workout. Yes, I said suffering, get over it, CrossFit isn’t easy.

What you will find in a CrossFit gym is a fitness community that is nearly unmatched in support, comradery, and encouragement regardless of your fitness ability, age, sex or social standing. We all may not be the same but CrossFit is the bond that can break down barriers and create lasting relationships that might have never taken place outside of the gym.

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  1. Perseverance – If you have spent any given time on this Earth there is one thing that you have probably figured out. Life is hard! No, I’m not being a pessimist, I’m just being honest with myself and you should too. The quicker we can recognize our struggle the faster we can adapt to making the best out of any given situation.

If you have ever done a CrossFit workout then you know all about recognizing the “suck” and learning to become comfortable in a very uncomfortable state. Will the workout hurt? Yes. Will I feel completely exhausted after it? Yes. Will my body adapt, grow stronger, become faster and live healthier? Absolutely. Without challenge there is no change and the better we are at accepting challenges the better we will be at persevering through them.

  1. Consistency – Nothing would ever be accomplished without consistency. Want to make money? Show up to work everyday. Want a new car? Put money away every day until you can buy one. Want a happy family life? Dedicate uninterrupted time each day to your spouse and children. Want to be fit? Exercise 3-5 days a week.

CrossFit is a training program that not only encourages, but requires consistency for improvement in the gym. There is short cut or magic pill in CrossFit, if you want to get a better time, lift more weights, or fit back into “those jeans” you have to be consistent to get the results you are looking for.

So is CrossFit really life? That is up to you to decide… But before you do that, take a sip of this Kool-Aid.