Class Cap: Q&A

By: Derek Wellock

Class Cap:  4 Questions Answered

So, the class cap information has done its job, it has gotten everyone talking about it and asking questions.  This is key to coming up with a solution to make sure we are providing the best class experience possible for you, the member.  I need you all to please understand the intention behind the class cap is to protect your experience and make sure those who want to workout consistently I will be able to in a safe and fun environment.

In business, times like these are called growing pains.  I am happy about it because it is not closing pains. Our community is showing month over month they want to pursue their health and fitness at Double Edge.  We strive to create an environment that does this. We are encroaching a class cap and not too far behind it a member cap as long as the supply and demand principles keep going the way they have been.  I wanted to take some time address a couple questions that have come up.

Why is there a fee?
 It seems like you are just trying to squeeze more money out of us.   This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I don’t want to charge any fees,  I want people to work with us so there would never be a fee charged. Unfortunately, there is always a percentage of the population that feel entitled or the rules do not apply to them.  So if there are no fees, this group will constantly try to take advantage of the situation and there would be no behavior change. No teeth, no change. It is that simple. I predict 95% or more of the members will never be charged anything, but there will be some who can’t follow the new protocols and will probably end of quitting their membership at some point.  With a short-term outlook, I am essentially guaranteeing I am going to be losing monthly revenue. But, Double Edge is going to be around for a long time, a very long time. So with a long-term outlook, I know the staff, Jacob and myself are always going to be striving to provide the best service possible in this town and maybe beyond. With that said there will always be a demand to workout at Double Edge.  If we don’t control classes now it will only get worse and the quality of our product, which you all have come to love will go down, this is something that will not work for us.

12-Hour window?
What if I get stuck at work, kids get sick etc?  This is a great question. At first, we could not implement a cancelation window without it having to go to all the classes equally.  So we had to do 12 hours because the 5am class at Midtown and the 5:30am class at South are going to be the most affected classes. We need people to commit or free up their spot before going to bed.  With that said, the cancellation window for the morning classes is probably not going to change, but we are looking into alternatives for shorter windows for the afternoon classes.

What if the weather keeps me home?
This is great, we know Reno weather can be crazy.  There will be no late cancel fees on days Washoe County School District cancels school.  This is the only logical and fair way for us to do this.

Can Premium Members (All-Access) get preferred sign-up windows?
I do agree there should be perks to those who are willing to pay for it.  We are currently looking into options to give our All-Access Members a preferred window to sign up for class.  But no matter what all memberships will still have the same cancellation windows and fees.

In closing, anyone who knows me personally, or has emailed me, knows I will take the time to answer all your questions and concerns about anything related to the gym.  Your success at Double Edge is my only goal. So please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time via email [email protected] with questions, or to set up a time to meet in person.  I will be spending more time between both gyms so always feel free to just ask me.  I am here to help. Remember your feedback helps to shape our decisions, so I truly value it.  

We want to give you the best experience possible.  That is the goal.