Carl Long

This week’sFeatured Athlete was chosen by Coach Derek! We’re lucky to have you around and a part of our community. Thanks for being such an awesome member Carl!⠀

“Carl has continued to grow on me since I took over 5AM. At first, Carl was very reserved and kept to himself. But it only took a little bullying from me and in no time, I got to know him. It turns out we share many similarities, we both hate to lose more than we like to win. He also puts his head down and gets the work done and never complains. More impressive is his discipline and commitment to constant improvement. He comes to 5AM on his lunch break then works a full-time job and after that takes night classes. He inspires daily, grinds daily, but also supports all those around him. Keep up the hard work, I’m proud to be your coach! Only big things in your future, brother!” – Coach Derek