When it comes to your health, regular exercise is a key ingredient in keeping your immune systems in top-notch shape. When it comes to infectious disease it is unfortunate but gyms fail and have a reputation of being dirty and gross. With over 13 years in the industry, the owners of Double Edge FItness know this to be true for most gyms.

We are different. We are clean, sanitary, and safe. We were clean, sanitary, and safe before it was cool and required with Covid-19. We have always taken pride in our cleanliness, but now we have taken it a step further.

We are committed to your safety and our group class environment provides the safest environment for you to workout in. We are able to control attendance, maintain 6 feet at all times, we never have to share equipment, equipment is disinfected every single class, and we have partnered with Cintas to make sure our sanitizing stations are convenient and easy to use.

As a member of Double Edge Fitness, you can be confident our community and team of coaches take pride in your health and fitness. This is more true today as we know the importance of exercise is key to maintaining a healthy immune system and at Double Edge, you can be confident we are doing our part to make sure the highest standard of sanitation is maintained at all times.

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