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Lara Snyder

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This week’s Featured Athlete was chosen by Coach Kris! Keep up the awesome work Lara! [video width="1080" height="1920" m4v=""][/video] "It’s my week to choose a member to highlight and this week I chose Lara as my #DECFmonday! Lara has been with us a little over 5 months now, she’s such a rockstar…

Jon Wesson

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This week's Featured Athlete was chosen by coach Joel! Jon has been with us from the very beginning and still puts in daily work! Thank you for all your support! [video width="1280" height="720" m4v=""][/video] "My #DECFMonday goes out to one of our original members and biggest supporters, Jon Wesson. Jon…

Amy Shogren

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This week's Featured Athlete was chose by Coach Trent! Keep killin' it Amy, we're luck to have you as part of the DE community! [video width="640" height="360" m4v=""][/video] "This is Amy, October will mark her one-year anniversary and it has been a year of gainz. Her consistency has been an inspiration,…