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Ryan Lopez

Physical and mental recovery is a very important part of CrossFit. Yoga at Double Edge Fitness helps me address the tension my body builds from constantly moving heavy(ish) objects. Treating myself to an hour of yoga allows me to relax and put the stresses my body has gone through by the wayside.

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Bobbee-Kay Clark

Oxygen is our friend. Yoga regularly reminds me to synchronize my breath with whatever movement I'm doing in CrossFit. What part of a movement requires the most oxygen; when is the most logical point to exhale? Lifting weights is much smoother when breathing is strategic. Mindless workouts are inefficient; perfect practice makes perfect performance. Yoga-gained focus enhances my CrossFit workouts. Yoga forces me to be a human being not a human doing. Twice a week I check in with my body during yoga to listen to what hurts, what feels better, and what my body needs more of. It forces my brain to connect with my body to analyze my workouts. My food choices are deliberative as a result of yoga's focused thinking time for my body. I could "save time" and eat whatever freaky, over-processed, over-packaged, sugar-disguised-as-a-breakfast-bar is being pushed at Whole Paycheck, but instead I'm reaching for blueberries, protein-filled greek yogurt and sunflower seeds for breakfast. Strong choices are the result of strong thinking. I'm now down three sizes because of those choices. Thanks, yoga!

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Brandy Arroyo

Prior to the yoga program at Double Edge, I had consistently been attending a local yoga class. It was the first time I sat still in years. This relaxation & quietness brought tears to my eyes and I was hooked. I knew my muscles needed to stretch and my mind needed to rest. I needed to be good to myself. One day, to my excitement, the yoga program began at Double Edge. Each yoga class I attend centers my soul. It helps me to focus on my core and it reminds me of how important balance and mobility are for the functional movements we put our bodies through every day.”

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Melanie Gregory

As a CrossFitter we often don't make the time to slow down and stretch/mobilize/roll out.Yoga has really helped me take that much needed moment and give my muscles and a mind exactly what they need. It has helped me get in touch with my breathing and mental game when it comes to harder workouts and competitions. Sometimes holding a long plank or engaging your abdominal muscles is more challenging than pushing through a heavy barbell. I have been working with a shoulder injury and have been using yoga as a tool to help me strengthen my stabilizer muscles that I have ignored. I see a difference in my body, my strength, my positions, and most importantly my mind when I commit to doing regular yoga with my CrossFit training.

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