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The Double Edge Yoga program is a program within the gym that each membership has access to. Our weekly classes are designed for the CrossFit enthusiast, outdoor-activity lover, and/or athlete that wants to take a break from the grind of high intensity. We provide an opportunity for you to slow down, tune into your body and breath, and have fun in our beautiful studio located at our Midtown location. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or brand new to yoga, our teachers accommodate all ability levels in a low stress and light-hearted environment. Giving your body recovery time and working on flexibility and mobility is an important part of injury prevention and will help improve your overall performance in the gym.

Our Classes


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Rest, Restore & Recover

Rest, Restore & Recover classes are designed to maximize physical recovery from high intensity workouts and/or activities as well as provide an opportunity to slow down the brain by tuning into breath and being present. These classes are slower-paced, with some teachers using more of a Yin-style approach where poses are held longer to allow the body open up and relax into them. Incorporating these classes into your week ensures you’ll take the time to mobilize and stretch your body and mind for the hour you’re there.

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Lengthen and Strengthen

Lengthen & Strengthen classes are designed to take you through a vinyasa-flow where breath is linked to movement. These classes are faster-paced, with teachers taking students through a sequence of poses with modifications and variations given to accommodate all levels. Poses (asanas) are explained so those with little to no experience are welcome; however, this class is more challenging and can often be used as a replacement workout for the day.

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Success Stories
Meet the Teachers

Physical and mental recovery is a very important part of CrossFit. Yoga at Double Edge Fitness helps me address the tension my body builds from constantly moving heavy(ish) objects. Treating myself to an hour of yoga allows me to relax and put the stresses my body has gone through by the wayside.
- Ryan Lopez, member since September 2017

- Team Double Edge Fitness

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