You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet

Want to know the secret to losing weight, becoming lean and increasing your energy?  Establish a healthy diet that focuses on clean, whole foods…... Doesn’t surprise you does it?  So why do so many of us struggle with our diet?  The magic is in the approach, not necessarily the diet itself.

Our focus at Double Edge Nutrition is to meet you where you are at, to help you get to where you want to be.  Our virtual nutrition program is a no-nonsense approach to establishing healthy eating habits that will not only help you get the results you are looking for but to keep them for a lifetime.

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$159 Per Phase

Our virtual nutrition program is an 18-week program that consists of three different phases. Each phase is 6 weeks long and focuses on different aspects of nutrition. Through the progression of this program each client will learn specific techniques, macronutrient timing, body type differentiation and total energy balance.


- Personal Nutrition Template
- Sample Day and Grocery List
- Specific Phase Information and Guidelines
- Body Composition Scan
- Nutrition Consultation
- Personalized Nutrition App


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- Team Double Edge Fitness

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