Nutrition Testimonials




“Counting macros changed my life. It sounds dramatic, but for someone who has tried every diet, every fad, every new trend in “how to lose weight and feel great”…and never found results that last, it’s the truth when I say counting macros has changed my life and my relationship with food. Working with Tammy, I have been able to see a huge change in my body in a mere 6 weeks time. I feel amazing, I am improving in my lifts and skills here at the gym, and my clothes fit better. I’ve gone down a size, and my confidence has improved dramatically. I took my shirt off yesterday in a workout! I never, in a million years, thought I would feel comfortable enough to do that. I know what you’re thinking: “yeah, yeah, yeah…right.” I get that. Trust me, I’ve said that for years when anyone shares a new diet idea with me. I have struggled to lose weight my entire life. I CrossFit, do yoga, or run at least 5-6 times a week and I work hard. I have a competitive streak in me that makes it impossible to A) not work out and B) take it easy…ever! After being here at Double Edge since they day they opened their doors, I had progressed and did feel strong, but never felt like the amount of work I was putting in equaled how I felt about my body. Another friend here at the gym has heard about my struggles time and time again and encouraged me to meet with Tammy and try out the whole macro counting, carb cycle thing. After struggling through the last Paleo challenge and seeing zero results, I was incredibly discouraged and about ready to give up and go with the “this is my body and it ain’t changin’’ mentality. However, I took the leap with the last amount of effort I felt I had to give and I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made when it comes to a change, a risk. Tammy was always available to answer my numerous questions, she offered just the right amount of support and guidance I needed, and was encouraging the entire time, even when I had a few setbacks. Counting macros takes work, and yet, the way she led me through it made it feel fun, like a mystery to figure out. After 2 weeks, when I took my second set of photos and compared them side-by-side, I was blown away to see actual change in only 2 weeks. The photos, measurements, and Tammy’s reminder to not worry about the scale and focus on the former 2, were exactly what I needed to hear. I am a sold out macro counter now, and I’m proud to say that! Without the encouragement of a friend and the patience of Tammy, I would not be feeling this way. My husband can attest…he has heard my complaints for years about my body and my weight and my frustrations. I am sure he is rejoicing to hear me finally speaking in a positive way when it comes to my view of myself. This way of eating just makes sense. Our bodies are machines, and I know I’m finally fueling mine with what it wants and needs, instead of what I think I want or “need”. If you choose to go down this path, keep an open mind. I thought I knew it all when it came to nutrition, simply because I had tried SO many different ways of eating. I didn’t, and instead of bringing preconceptions in, I trusted Tammy, did additional macro counting research, and went with it. I am am so very thankful I did. Thank you Double Edge and Tammy for providing me the opportunity to finally experience success, to learn more about myself than I ever thought possible, and for allowing me to share part of my journey with you all.”

-Dawn, Double Edge Member


“When I first met Tammy I felt completely defeated with my weight and the way I looked. I have always loved to workout but for some reason I just couldn’t figure out my nutrition. Since I was young girl I always battled with my body image. I was a dancer for the earlier part of my years and my standard of beauty was just not realistic to my body type. As a teenager I struggled with eating disorders off and on. I also tried many different diets and fads. But when Tammy introduced me to carb cycling and counting my macros things just started to make sense. For the first time I not only started to see the results I never thought were possible but I also was understanding the science behind it all. It has now been 7 months since I first began my journey with Tammy and I am now at the weight I can finally say I am happy with and further more I like the way my body looks. I am comfortable in my skin and I truly owe it all to Tammy. I am such an advocate for this type of eating and I highly recommend anyone to try it. It takes work and diligence but the results are real and doable! Thank youTammy!!!”

-Sarah, Double Edge Member


“I have worked with companies in the past doing online nutritional work and also have used many apps on the market to track my daily intake of calories. I have found little to no help from these methods. If someone is serious and dedicated to eating the proper ingredients, amounts and when to consume these nutrients then one needs to get held accountable on a daily basis. As with anything in life we tend to get off track without a reminder of where we are, where we came from and where we are going. I have been using the nutritional coaching at double edge for awhile now and am watching the results happen daily rather than monthly or quarterly. Tammy Hamilton has been very engaged since the beginning. After having an extensive meeting with her as we began working together, I truly believed she had a firm grip on my lifestyle as well as my goals. Having obtainable goals is the only true way to ever reach these goals. So many standardized programs forget that this is real life. If you are like me, fitting in five or six meals per day while working 12 hour days with multiple hours in the gym per day then you will agree that a nutrition coach needs to have these answers and tailor each and every program on a personal basis. You can not sell to the masses when it comes to nutrition. This is what I believe to be Tammy’s true passion. As i speak with many of her clients around the gym, everyone is doing completely different programs which are all perfectly sculpted for there individual needs and wants. This mantra rings through the Double Edge family as a whole. The knowledge and ability of each and every member of the staff is like nothing I have ever experienced. In my eyes the “want” to see people grow inside the gym as well as within there daily lives is what makes Double Edge Fitness surpass any cross fit box I have ever set foot in. This all starts with how we fuel our bodies. I am blessed to be working with such a passionate nutrition coach as Tammy. It has without a doubt changed my life in every aspect and when you add this to the programming Trent does for me the results speak for themselves. True happiness came for me by putting all of these pieces together. You can not train hard without a proper diet. You can not eat proper without knowledge of how to do so and you will never find your true ability without surrounding yourself with people who care and want nothing more than to see you succeed.”

-Joseph, Double Edge Member


“I joined Double Edge Fitness in August 2015 and instantly loved it! After a little over a year I decided it was time to get serious about my eating habits.  I enlisted the help of the nutrition coach, Tammy. She gave me a daily eating plan and had me carb cycle.  It was a little difficult in the beginning. I had to be disciplined, prep my meals on Sunday and make a commitment to go to the gym 3 times a week.  I started seeing results within a few weeks.  By eating healthy and working out regularly I can definitely see the difference in my workouts and my lift outside the gym, I’m not tried during the day from eating poorly and I sleep much better. Thank you Tammy and all the staff at Double Edge for helping me on this journey!”

-Marlana, Double Edge Member